zeeSQL, SQL and search by value for Redis. Fast, simple and reliable.

SQL databases inside Redis and fast search by value for the data in Redis. Ready today. For you to try.

Go in-memory and forget SQL performance problems.

Based on Redis for optimal stability, reliability and performance.


Novel features on top of battle-tested SQL

  • 🚀

    zeeSQL works mainly in memory, it can reach up to 130.000 transaction per second.

  • 🔎
    Search in Redis

    zeeSQL allows to complete complex SQL queries against the Redis hash elements.

  • 📖

    zeeSQL works with standard SQL, no weird dialects or new syntax to learn.

  • 👩‍🔧
    Easy to operate

    Just start Redis and load the zeeSQL module.
    Simple to getting started

  • 👷‍♀️
    Easy to use

    There are already binding available for most languanges, including python, go, javascript, ruby, php, rust and many more.
    Explore our tutorials.

  • 🎈
    Lightweight DBs

    zeeSQL provides you with lightweight in-memory databases. It could completely shift your architecture. For example, you could create a new isolated database each day, one for each application tenant, or even one per user.

  • 💾
    On disk storage

    While zeeSQL focuses on in-memory database, it can also store data in a regular file. Of course this makes operations slower, but it allows zeeSQL to reach a level of data persistency on par with incumbent databases such as Postgres or MySQL.

  • 🚅
    Stream and cache query results

    zeeSQL can also store results of queries into a Redis Streams. This allows different clients to consume part of the result, or to delay the consuption of a result. Moreover, it allows caching the result of expensive queries as Redis Streams to consume them over and over again.

  • 🔥
    Complete JSON support

    JSON is the de-facto standard for sharing data between applications. zeeSQL exploits the JSON1 module of SQLite to bring that capability to easy and quickly manage JSON data inside SQL statements and tables. In zeeSQL you are able to manipulate JSON in every standard way.

  • 📄
    Full text search support

    zeeSQL fully supports also the FTS{3,4,5} engine from SQLite, giving you a full text engine at your fingertip. You will be able to manage and search for data.

👨‍💻 Start for free, just download the module
💶 Upgrade with company friendly subscription

zeeSQL is distributed with a subscription model. We charge on the amount of complexity that the software handles for you. Moreover it comes with a generous free trial so that you can try it without any fears.

Software for the busy developers. With great support and stellar documentation!

We focus on providing as much value as possible with our software. This mean, great support to answer your question and stellar documentation to get you started as fast as possible. Problems and bugs are addressed quickly and with a consistent architecture.

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The license allows you to run zeeSQL without any limitations.

License allows to spend credits. Each database and each Redis secondary index cost 1 credit per hour.

Without a license is possible to consume maximum 3 credit each hour, if you need more, you need to input a license.

Each credit costs 0.01€ per hour. There is a free allowance of 3 free credit each hour.

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Important comunication about the product will be broadcast to the email list, subscribe